Thursday, October 17, 2013

Remember When...?

Remember when the Bucks were good?

No, this isn't a joke. The Milwaukee Bucks actually won the NBA championship back in 1971. Sure, no one really cared at the time, and the finals were even on tape delay, but that banner certainly still hangs in our arena.

I picked up this card the other day. Two absolute legends and a solid player in his own right.

The back of this card is even more telling than the front. The Bucks back then had four of the top 10 (actually, the top 7) shooting percentage leaders. Now, we have a team that hasn't been relevant since 2001. The team is in a perpetual no-man's land, hovering right around that 8th playoff spot, the exact last place you want an NBA franchise to be.

Still, I manage a whispered, "Go Bucks."


sg488 said...

The 1971 NBA finals were not on delay ,I remember watching all 4 games live,on ABC.

deal said...

Is Marquette in the area - they are typically relavent. The Badgers put together some exciting squads some years as well.