Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trade Me Anything VII #5

It happens every year. I put a call out there for people to send me anything, and the Cardboard Junkie comes through. This year is no different.

2013 Topps Update #US45 Joey Terdoslavich Green Sparkle, Postseason Heroes #PH-12 Deion Sanders, Making Their Mark #MM-45 Evan Gattis, Chasing History #CH-102 Reggie Jackson, 1971 Mini #TM-44 Wil Myers

Complete set of 2004 Inkworks Hellboy cards

Three 2013 Topps Update cards

2011 Topps Kimball Mini #KC-2 Derek Jeter

Cardboard Junkie original CC Sabathia sketch card

1998 Pacific Invincible #40 Jeromy Burnitz

1959 Topps #373 Herb Plews

1971 Topps #88 Hal King

PunkRockPaint Mini #7 "The Inventor"

There was also a Wacky Packages double hanger pack whose contents had been siphoned out and replaced with some non-sport randomness. Here are my five favorites from the bunch.
SkyBox Cinderella Stand-up #10 Gus
(Quite a few years ago there was this kid in my class who my teaching partner dubbed "Gus-Gus" because of similarities in appearance between the two.)

Inkworks Scooby Doo! #36 "A Tiki Sacre is No Fair"
Isn't the best part of any episode of this show the opening with the villain montage?

1998 Happy Days #3 Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli / Henry Winkler
Did you know my fair city placed a Fonz statue downtown? It's true.

1998 Royo Millennium #55 Julie Strain "1"
This B-movie queen is, technically, not nude. Yeah, there's a bit of onion skin covering up her, as Frank Zappa once called them, mammalian protuberances. Thumbs up for being able to use the FREAKY WHITE GIRLS tag on this post.

1989 Ghostbusters Sticker #10
I think I've seen Ghostbusters a hundred times, and Ghostbusters II exactly once (in the theatre). Should I give it another shot one of these days?

There you have it. This trade truly embodies the spirit of "anything." Thanks, dayf!

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