Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 Card-vent Calendar: December 1

December 1, 2013:

Thank goodness, I made it. I remembered early this morning that I needed to open up the first door on the new Card-vent calendar that came in the mail just before Thanksgiving. Today was one hell of a day, too. I wrote the outline for a pretty big grad-level paper, responded to the required posts on the class bulletin board, and completed three whole assignments, paving the way for me to work on the paper exclusively for the rest of the week. Actually, all that was sandwiched in between watching, holding, feeding, and entertaining two young children. I watched exactly zero snaps of NFL action and thought about raking the rest of the leaves now that last week's snow has melted. Thought about.

Now, take a look at this year's calendar. Simple, wholesome, and completely secular, for the seventh year running. Let's get on with it and see what's behind the first door.

1972 Topps #193 Kurt Bevacqua

Wuhph, my stomach turned a little just looking at that. Bubble Boy brought the ca-razy on this one. Way to kick off the season, Kurt. I'll be looking forward to this staring me in the face 23 more times.

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