Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Lynch-mas Everyone!

The Lynch and I would like to wish everyone the most joyous of all possible Christmases. This is the time of year during which people tend to reflect, and the staff at this blog is no different. Everything in 2013 pretty much hit an equilibrium. The pluses tended to balance out the minuses, and a good time was had by all. I'd like to share with you Thorzul's Top and Bottom Moments of 2013. Here we are exploring the world of sports, blogging, and perhaps some real-world events.

*Birth of my first son. He shall inherit my many acres of land and will be responsible for maintaining the sizable harem.
*USMNT qualifies for 2014 World Cup. It was exhilarating to follow the exploits of this team, as much as it will be to watch them flame out and finish 30th or worse among all teams this summer.
*Everton F.C. near the top of the Premier League table. This couldn't possibly last, could it?
*Tailgating with Stale Gum and sruchris at Miller Park. Friendship.

*The injury to Aaron Rodgers' collarbone. Sure, it just had to happen to the sport's only major star not on PEDs or alpaca semen extract, judging from the average human recovery time he's currently experiencing.
*Those last two CC Sabathia cards eluding me. For Christ's sake, where is that gold proof from 2008 Stadium Club hiding?
*The Milwaukee Brewers' return to obscurity. The farm cupboard is bare, too, say the experts. I expect the team to contend again once my oldest graduates from college.
*The fallow summer for this blog. Three posts in July? Really, Thorzul? Really???

Well, that about does it. Merry Lynch-mas everyone!


Play at the Plate said...

Land, harems and ballcards. That's quite a legacy. Merry Christmas!

Jeff Wilk said...

Worst case: you son could marry someone beautiful, and rich with huge......tracts of land.