Saturday, December 14, 2013

Today's Trip to the Card Shop

Today I braved the incessant light snow to hit my local card shop. The main need was a storage box. My pre-1980 cards are all out of room in their current home and need some additional housing. I came home with more treasures, though.

Here's the box. I really ought to convert everything to this size of box, since those 5,000-count monsters are so cumbersome.

Digging through a dollar clearance bin, I found a small pile of Baseball Talk cards. Since I still have my original player, I thought I'd pick up a few sets that had players I liked. Can't wait to listen to Goose tell some stories.

Here are a few Robin Yount police cards. If you've paid attention to this blog, you'd know that many of the municipal police departments handed these out to kids. Suburban sets are more difficult to find, but I was able to snag these three from the West Allis P.D.

I the space below I will say anything nice I can think of about the city of West Allis and its residents.

On the top of the counter there was a small box of vintage cards running anywhere from $3 to $10. I grabbed this 1959 Topps Duke Snider, unsure of whether I needed it for my set or not. It turns out I already had it, but this one makes a nice upgrade in condition.

From the same box I saw this 1960 Topps Bill Mazeroski, and it just had to come home with me.

I've had a naked CC booklet card floating around for too long now, so I picked up this Ultra Pro holder. Looks great, huh?

And finally, there was this 1997 Pinnacle can pack. Rest assured , I will be opening this one day soon in the best way possible.

All this was purchased for the low price of $22. The guy running the shop cut me a great deal and for his effort he probably has to clean the slush off the floor at closing time that jamokes will be trudging in all day.

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shoeboxlegends said...

Very nice haul, that Sabathia looks fantastic on display.