Monday, December 2, 2013

Trade Me Anything VII #6

This next batch comes from Kerry, who tries his best to Keep Portland Weird. Let's see if we get anything besides a community garden, a cute girl in nerdy glasses, or a homebrew double-decker bicycle.

2013 Topps Update #Making Their Mark #MM-36 Carlos Martinez, #MM-37 Matt Adams

2 pieces of Nobel Super Lemon Hard Candy
My 2-year-old begged me to try one of these even after several warnings about their sourness. She was pretty brave, but had to have me take the flavor bullet before I gave her the sweet inner core.

2011 Topps #US276 Yuniesky Betancourt Black Parallel (42/60)
I really like this card, but I could imagine the disappointment at getting Yuni B. as your one-per-box parallel if you weren't a die-hard Brewers fan.

2010 Topps #391 Manny Parra Gold Parallel (0747/2010)
Manny was one of those guys whose departure from the team went unnoticed.

1991-92 Upper Deck Award Winner Holograms #AW2 Alvin Robertson
Alvin came to the Bucks a few years after I came to sports consciousness. I had already solidified in my mind just who the Bucks were, and this guy from the Spurs, despite his defensive prowess, never felt like one of the team. Interesting fact on Alvin: He's one of only four NBA players ever to have recorded a quadruple-double (along with Nate Thurmond, Hakeem Olajuwon, and David Robinson). This feat still has not been duplicated since 1994.

Thanks for the great trade, Kerry!

Looking at my desktop, I realized that I forgot a key component of this trade. Kerry also sent a pink plastic star-shaped button. It might be the most powerful weapon in the universe, if only I could find the right catalyst.

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