Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top Pulls of 2013: #5

Card: 2001 Pacific #163 Bubba Franks Hobby Ltd. (05/99)

From: Hobby box

Why I Like It:
I believe this is the first Packer card that has made my Top Five. I've been buying boxes of this stuff every once in a while in an attempt to build the set. There are plenty of inserts and short-printed rookies, and I haven't even finished the base set yet. Everything that's not a base card is in fairly short supply, so when you get one, it's something of an event. Franks was a favorite target of Brett Favre's, especially in the red zone, and he made Pro Bowls as a result. The color scheme is of this set is one of my all-time favorites, especially with the iconic green-and-gold. The hometown hero factor nudges this card into the Top Five, but just barely. It's a weak field this year, mostly because I have been buying much less product. Still, this one kicks off the annual affair quite nicely.


Fuji said...

Miss me some Bubba. Great card.

Tony L. said...

I'm with Fuji -- I miss the days of having a reliable tight end in Green Bay.