Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Worst Pull of 2013

Since 2008, I have been sharing the best cards I've puled out of packs from the previous year. I realize, of course, that they can't all be winners. Like the piece of candy corn Thurman Murman pulls out of the hastily-patched-together advent calendar in Bad Santa, sometimes you pull a real dog out of a pack. I don't want to bring everybody down too much, so I'll be sharing only one of these each year. Here, you'll get a small slice of regret, then wash it down with a digestif of remorse. I present to you... My Worst Pull of 2013.

2002 Leaf Shirt of My Back #SB-RD Ryan Dempster Jersey

From: Hobby Box

Why it sucks:
Well, you have to step back a bit and realize that this probably isn't the worst card I got last year. It's got a nice pinstripe and Donruss was doing the thing back then where they would take a picture of the jersey that the swatch was cut from. However, Dempster is just someone I've never liked. The 2002 Leaf Checklist is full of more exciting players. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to name a player on this list I'd like to receive less than Dempster. Maybe Troy Percival, perhaps Brad Radke, but it's a pretty solid checklist overall. The Dempster is just such a meh player for a meh team that I was totally underwhelmed when I pulled this out of a pack as my one hit in the box. Ryan Dempster, you are the NyQuil LiquiCap in my advent calendar.

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