Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ten Best Cards From a $30 Lot: #2

We're nearing the top of the chart here, so let's see if some big guns emerge.

1961 Topps #35 Ron Santo

Well, biggish guns, it seems. Acquiring this Ron Santo RC would be a fantastic help if I ever chose to go after the complete 1961 set. Mine doesn't look like all the others currently for sale. Does your Ron Santo have a big number 4 written in pen on the front? I didn't think so, Mr. 707SportscardsLtd eBay seller, sir.

The top of this has gotten kind of eerie. Card #3, Bill Tuttle, lost a significant portion of his face due to decades of safe smokeless tobacco use. And the subject of this card, Ron Santo, lost a significant portion of his legs due to complications from diabetes. Will the top card form the $30 lot feature a player who also lost one body part or another? Only time will tell.

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Hackenbush said...

The #4 aside that's still my favorite Ron Santo card. I even like the big purple cloud over the left field wall. Topps turned it into trees in one reprint.