Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten Best Cards From a $30 Lot: #8

A solitary man purchases a motley lot of paper inscribed with images of men and ancient runes. The saga continues...

1975 Topps #21 Rollie Fingers

Let's list the colors competing for preeminence on this card:

Throw all five hues into a sack and reach in a half-hour later and you'll probably find only one left alive. Repeat this little experiment a few more times, and you're not likely to see a repeat champion. Stick your thumb through this card and call it a palette. After doing this, contemplate how much a Fingers Facial Hair paintbrush would fetch on the open market, and what type of majestic works those who would dare wield it might someday produce, and after that weep for the world's injustices.

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