Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ten Best Cards From a $30 Lot: #10

Back a loooooong time ago, like the end of the summer, maybe, I picked up what looked like a good lot of vintage-y cards for around thirty dollars. They have been sitting on a dictionary in my bedroom since then. During this time, I had every intention of posting the best cards found in the lot, but something always came up. Not only that, but it has become apparent that I haven't needed to look up the definition of a word in quite some time. This lot is nowhere near as large or a special as the one I shared a few years ago, but there were a few gems to be found. Let's begin.

1976 Topps #345 Babe Ruth All-Time All-Stars

Over the summer I also picked up a big box of '76 Topps, the contents of which have actually made it into a binder. In the near future I should be posting a want list, even though I never really set out to finish the set. This Ruth was not one of the cards in the prior lot, so this helps me fill an empty spot in a page. There's a pretty massive crease running from top to bottom of the card, but it's a sin I can forgive. (Not wrath, though. Dear God, never wrath.) This is also a cool card because it contains Babe's all-time stats, from 1914 to 1935. Back when this card was produced, you had a lug around a massive sports almanac to have access to those statistics, but in the year of our nation's Bicentennial, you could fit the same information in your pocket. Boy, that sure would show those almanac gangs who was boss! Sadly, the iron-on T-shirt transfer craze of the 1970s never seemed to have room for a Babe-Ruth's-complete-stats decal. At least, that's what the back pages of comic books have taught me.

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