Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Dollar Store Pack of Cards: 2013 Panini Triple Play

Earlier last week I had to pick up a prescription for my son at Target, had a little time to kill, and went to the dollar store that's recently been built on the same block. Let me tell you, there's nothing better than finding a product that sells for triple the price at Target on the shelf at Dollar Tree for a buck. I just might retire after buying and reselling bottle of Tapatio for a profit. While I was there, I picked up a book of TV Guide crossword puzzles, two packs of cards, and a bag of those strawberry hard candies with the chewy middles. One of the packs you see up above, a seven card dealie of 2013 Panini Triple Play.

Let's see what we get for a buck plus tax.
57 Robinson Cano
I'm digging the heavy line style of this set. It reminds me of a really well done DC Universe animated series, or the comics that they gear towards kids.

16 Kevin Youkilis
Anyone know if it's more common for a Red Sox player to become a Yankee or vice-versa? Seems to me the Boston-to-NY switch happens more often. I can think of four big ones off the top of my head: Ruth, Clemens, Boggs, and Youkilis. This probably means that the opposite is true

45 Josh Johnson
The scanner cut off the right side of this card, but the design cuts off Johnson's left hand, so we're even.

30 Justin Verlander
We're verging on Dick Tracy villain territory with this caricature here. Careful.

83 Adrian Beltre
Huh, has the same birthday as my son.

88 Gio Gonzalez
"I'm Gio! I can build anything... with my shapes!" If you know what this is from, you are a parent.

3 Dustin Pedroia Sticker
Always good to end with a fun thing.

Pretty good pack, maybe this week I'll go back to pick up some more cards along with a tin of sardines and a cheap Mother's Day card.