Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May Group Break: Team #2 - Chicago White Sox

Did I say that that Red Sox had the worst luck of the teams claimed? Sorry, I meant the White Sox. However, we manage to salvage the team this time.

Team: Chicago White Sox
Buyer: JediJeff

First up, a few 2013 Topps Cards.
This is a common theme throughout this break. The guy who owed these cards apparently bought a bunch of boxes of 2013 Topps and put all of the RC-designated cards aside. Many multiples of rookies ended up going to participants in this break. Hope you like Josh Phegley.

2012 Bowman Platinum Addison Reed

2013 Paul Konerko Purple Refractor

Okaaaaaaaaay... anything else? Nope, those are all of the White Sox in the lot. Sorry.

But we do have some lovely parting gifts.

2009 A Piece of History Paul Konerko Jersey (159/180)

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome Joe Crede (1437/1959)

2005 Topps Frank Thomas Gold (0688/2005)

1996 Skybox Metal Universe Frank Thomas Heavy Metal

I hope that takes the bad taste out of your mouth, JediJeff!


madding said...

It appears that the Big Hurt approves.

JediJeff said...

E-yeow. Well, sometimes you are the dog and other times you are the hydrant.