Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who Will Win the 2014 World Series?

A lot of people would have expected the Boston Red Sox to be World Series favourites – at least until the 2014 season had progressed further and the strengths and weaknesses of the sides could be properly assessed. However it is the Los Angeles Dodgers who the bookies rate as the strongest team at this (very) early stage in the new season, and the odds of 7/1 will make them a likely choice for the MLB betting punter who goes by the odds to minimise the risks. However the Dodgers might be a more risky wager than these odds indicate.

For starters, they have not done very much to improve their squad from last season – and that squad didn’t prove strong enough even to contest the Super Bowl final. To be fair, they won the NL West Division title and reached the League Championship series, while their form in the latter part of the season was the best in the MLB. However they haven’t lifted the Super Bowl in over 25 years, and will face stiff competition from defending champs the Red Sox and a resurgent Yankees. This is not to suggest that they aren’t capable of doing it, just that a bet on them at this stage is very much gambling - certainly compared with playing Hot Shot at a casino.

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Chino Moreno said...

At first sight, at thought you were talking about 2014 FIFA World Cup Bet ahaha