Wednesday, June 18, 2014

May Group Break: Team #12 - Cleveland Indians

Today is my first day of summer vacation without any professional responsibilities, so it's a goal to have this MAY group break finished before the end of the third week of JUNE.

Team: Cleveland Indians
Buyer: cabz05

Base Rookies
Only three of them? Not a good sign.

2010 Topps Luis Valbuena Bronze Parallel (007/399)
Double-O-Seven on the serial number? Flippin' sweet!

And that's all she wrote.
Luckily, there were some nice Indians in my box of madness that should make it all worth it for cabz05.


2011 Topps Tribute Roberto Alomar Dual Jersey (18/99)
Hard to argue with a card like that.

2004 Throwback Threads Bob Feller Century Stars (0224/1500)

2006 UD Ultimate Lou Boudreau (214/799)

2001 Topps Jim Thome Own the Game x2

1996 Fleer Jim Thome Post-Season Glory

1995 Fleer Ultra Home Run King Manny Ramirez
I really like the Al 'N Ann's sticker on the penny sleeve here. A simple Google search found that Al 'N Ann's is a collectibles store in McHenry, Illinois. From their website, it looks to be more of a comic book store that sort of dabbles in sports cards than anything else. It also looks like the place to go on Free Comic Book Day to see women dressed up as costumed superheroes (if that's your thing).

I hope you were pleased with the extras, even if the main break haul turned out to be a stinker.

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cabz05 said...

That was a rough start. Thanks for the great extras though, definitely worth while.