Saturday, November 22, 2014

Trade Me Anything VIII: The Keepers

Each year there are a few cards that I just can't release into the TMA pool, no matter how much they yearn to breathe free. There were only two this year, and I wrote some words about them below.

75th Anniversary Buyback 1977 Topps #246 Mike Vail

The stated odds on these are 1:18 packs (#THANKSTOPPS), but I only got one of them in my box. The verdict is not yet in on whether or not this card will go into my '77 Topps set. I'm not actively collecting the set at this time, but in a few years it might happen.

World Series Heroes #WSH-RC Roberto Clemente

I always keep Clementes. He was one of my keepers last year as well. My favorite part of this card is the little Three Rivers Stadium graphic commemorating the 1971 World Series. It looks like most of the other cards in this insert set just use the MLB World Series graphic for that year.

Looking forward to some trades coming my way this week!

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