Monday, December 1, 2014

Trade Me Anything VIII: #3

A nice big package from the Pacific Northwest showed up the other day from madding. Let's see what's in it.

#US-43 Pat Neshek Red Hot Foil

The best thing about Neshek is that he was born in Madison.

#US-145 A.J. Pierzynski Gold (1201/2014)

I'll be nice and just not say anything.

Some more Update cards from my want list, of which I still needed these four

Three basketball cards

Hmmmm, another 93-94 Fleer card. I'm beginning to smell a conspiracy.

Some Brewers

I love how Segura is called a Base Bandit on this card, considering how in 2013 he sort of stole first base after stealing second.

2013 Topps Aramis Ramirez Sticker

Many 2010 Topps Packers

I'm choosing to show just Rodgers because, well, Rodgers is best.

2009 Topps American Heritage #112 Seward's Folly

Weird, I finally got around to watching Lincoln last week, and I thought that David Strathairn's Seward was one of the most interesting characters.

Panini Americana Erika Eliniak

Never really my cup of tea, more of a second- or third-tier hotness, but at least we get to see the "FREAKY WHITE GIRLS" tag put in play.

A couple of 1993 Topps Gold cards

YES! I was actually digging through the big box of cards I won at a card show auction last month, and I found a bunch more I needed for the set. Keep sending me these, people.

Finally, a couple of Cracker Jack prizes

Cracker Jack prizes have steadily gotten weaker through the years. These are probably tattoos (or even worse).

Thanks for the cool stuff, Kerry!

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