Saturday, December 20, 2014

December Group Break: SP Authentic Box 2

Apologies to group break participants for the long wait. Work + Christmas + The End of Grad School + Card-vent + Trade Me Anything = Points docked for assignments turned in late. Something had to give, and it has been blog stuff. I've actually had the video up on YouTube for almost a week now, but couldn't find the time or energy to scan four measly cards. That's right, four cards. Four is a good thing, because we got an extra hit in this box, which someone will love. Enjoy the video. (Now with less coughing.)

Yankee Stadium Legacy Bill Dickey (BS)

Very cool to get this, I think these were two per case. Old jersey swatches are always nice.

By the Letter AUTO Manu-patch "U" David Murphy (39/99) (Play at the Plate)

Callix Crabbe AUTO (06/50) (Todd Uncommon)

Some moron doing the video declared this card to be unnumbered, when in fact it's a special parallel numbered only to 50. Stupid idiot needs to look under his big, dumb thumb.
Callix Crabbe is no longer in the MLB, but that's OK, since he has a name better suited for a Harry Potter villain.

Alex Romero AUTO Jersey (024/799) (Todd Uncommon)

There you have it, folks, the December Group Break. I'll get started on sorting and packing up your cards for delivery. Thanks to all participants.

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JediJeff said...

Much better collation. And that Dickey is a hell of a nice hit.