Monday, December 29, 2014

Pull the Trigger 6.1 ($20)

It's been a long time since I've tried Pull the Trigger, and in that span of time, I've come to realize that I'd been doing it all wrong. The price point was way too high. While the quality was there, or had the potential to get there, it's hard to throw down fifty or a hundred bucks. For this reason, the price will be $20 for whenever someone decides to pull the trigger.

If you forget how this works, here it is. Periodically, I will add cards to a pile. At any time you can claim the cards as your own for the predetermined price. If you see something you like, you might decide to wait a while longer as the pot sweetens, but of course you run the risk of having someone else steal it out from under your nose. You decide when it's time to pull the trigger. When the time comes, just state your intent in the comments. And please make sure you have PayPal available to make payment.

Here's the first item going into the pile.

Lot of 3 NFL Rookie Cards

This lot includes three Topps rookie cards of players who were well known for one reason or another.
2002 #350 Joey Harrington (Inept)
2003 #365 Larry Johnson (Fantasy beast for two years, then dropped off due to injury)
2010 #96 Aaron Hernandez (Murderer)

Stay tuned to see what else will go into the pile, or, if you lack any sort of ideas regarding what constitutes a good value, pull the trigger.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever unload the last $100 lot? I was pretty close to pulling the trigger. I remember a Posada and a Mattingly in there that looked pretty good. I just felt bad that I was the only one getting all of the cards so I didn't pull it earlier. That probably means I'm the sucker in the room, doesn't it?


Thorzul said...

I've still got everything from that $100 lot. Maybe some of the stuff from that will end up in this one. said...

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