Monday, December 22, 2014

Trade Me Anything VIII: #10

Here's a trade coming from Lonestarr. He may not live in Texas, but his trade embodied the "Everything is Bigger" ethos.

#ASR-YD Yu Darvish All-Star Stitches

#US-100 Jose Abreu Gold (1579/2014)

#US-325 Jose Abreu Gold (1375/2014)

#US-61 Ryan Kalish Red Hot Foil

A bunch of action figures

Sadly, some of the more delicate figures didn't survive the trip. Scarecrow got decapitated, and Batman came of his stand. I like the three durable, squat Iron Man guys (no idea what they're called), the Lego tennis player, and what looks to be the Thundercats' Snarf the best. Kevin Youkilis looks on in horror.

Lonestarr sent a couple huge piles of cards. From these, I've picked out my nine favorite things as a full lineup.

Mr. T Sketch Card

If you are a fool, consider yourself pitied.

2009 Topps Opening Day #ODTS-PF Prince Fielder Authentic Ticket Stub (41/99)

So I was actually at that game on the card, and I have the ticket to prove it. I wasn't sitting in the Beautiful People $80 seats, though.

2008 Upper Deck Timeline #19 Prince Fielder Gold Parallel

2007 Upper Deck Future Stars #AS-RB Ryan Braun (392/500)

This is a new one for me. Straight into the Braun binder it will go.

2012 Triple Play #250 Ryan Braun Focus

Mrs. Thorzul often comments that Ryan Braun has creepy eyes. This card pretty much proves it.

2009 Donruss Americana Movie Posters #32 12 Angry Men Henry Fonda Relic (245/500)

What a fantastic film, and what a great card!

Assortment of 1980 Topps Separated Bucks Minis

A shame this Bucks core from the '80s never made it to a championship, getting ousted by the Celtics or 76ers in seven straight seasons.

1988 Topps #286 Chuck Crim

What??? This junk wax issue of a workhorse middle reliever makes the cut? Well, flip the card over and you've got a...

Robin Yount Sketch Card!

Very cool stuff!

2008 Tristar TNA Impact! #44 Traci Brooks

There were a few of these T&A... I mean TNA wrestling cards in the pile, and this one had the biggest... um... turnbuckles.

Thanks, Lonestarr, I hope you enjoy your cards. You've certainly helped me build my collection.

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Lonestarr said...

I like to go big when I can. Sorry about the broken Heroclix. And yes, that is indeed Snarf, from the recent revival series. He's soooo much better in the new series because he can't talk.