Saturday, December 6, 2014

Trade Me Anything VIII: #4

Newcomers are always welcome to TMA, and this next batch of stuff comes from David Bender. Let's check it out.

#FN-GP3 Gregory Polanco The Future Is Now

#WSH-BM Bill Mazeroski World Series Heroes

1987 Coins of America Smokey and the Pros Ben Oglivie (1983 Topps)

Wow, one of the weirdest, coolest things I've ever seen. This thing is practically home-brewed. The feel in your hands is something like what I'm guessing a sketchy, self-laminated fake I.D. would have felt like back in the day when a friend's cousin's neighbor's older brother would make and sell them to high school students wanting to buy beer. It looks like there are others from this same set, but they're pretty hard to find now.

1992 Studio #BC-11 Paul Molitor Heritage Series

I'm not so keen on Molitor anymore, because traitor, but I will always be keen on Seattle Pilots stuff. I love Jim Bouton's description of the cap, which he wrote has "scrambled eggs" on the bill.

1993 Upper Deck #766 Kirk Gibson

The guy is working hard at ruining his legacy by becoming one of the biggest crybaby-ass bitches in baseball. Glad to be one card closer to finishing this set, though.

Some 1989 Pro Set cards

Of all the guys who played during his era, I think Bernie Kosar would have been one of the most fun to hang out with. He was part of a badass bunch of guys who ran shit as "The U," his daughter grew up to do porn, and his ex-wife was on one of those Pro Line Portraits wives cards. Only some horrible luck has kept Kosar from being remembered as one of the elite quarterbacks of his time.

Thanks, David, way cool stuff!

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David said...

Glad you liked! Looking forward to trading with you again.