Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Trade Me Anything VIII: #7

Up next, we've got Tom from Angels in Order sending his trade to the fair city on Lake Michigan.

Giving: #PPA-MTR Mike Trout Power Players

In case you're wondering, Trout was drafted 25th overall in the 2009 MLB Draft. There were 24 players drafted before him, comprising the draft picks of 22 teams (Nationals and Diamondbacks with two apiece), including the Angels themselves who also had pick 24 immediately before Trout. My Brewers, however, had the pick right after Trout, and used it to draft pitcher Eric Arnett, who lacks even a Wikipedia page. At least we didn't pass on him.

More 1989 Pro Set

Unfortunately, the three cards sent were already traded to me earlier. No worries, though, since Tom and I made some arrangements for a side trade that puts dents in our respective want lists.

Enjoy the Trout, Tom!

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