Monday, January 19, 2015

Trade Me Anything VIII: #12

I've been sitting on this one for over a week, probably. Thanks, Zpop, for being patient. Let's see what this trade holds.

#US-138 Asdrubal Cabrera Gold (1937/2014)

'89 Mini #TM-LG Luis Gonzalez

'89 Mini #TM-MCI Matt Cain

Ladybug Girl Loves...

That's an odd thing to get. Sure, I have little kids, and this looks like a cute story, but...

Ooooh, wait a minute. There are Brewers cards stuck in all of the pages. There was a nice little pile when I found all of the hidden cards. Here are my three favorites:

2014 Topps '89 Mini #TM-83 Robin Yount

Very cool, I didn't have this one yet.

2007 Upper Deck Star Power #SP-PF Prince Fielder

2014 Topps #351 Matt Garza Orange Parallel

Orange, seriously? I didn't know they were even doing orange borders last year. I liked some of them, the yellow especially, but what teams will orange look good on? The Orioles and Giants, for sure. Astros, maybe? Rangers?

Thanks, Zpop, the book and cards are certainly appreciated.

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