Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pull the Trigger 7.1 ($25)

Yesterday the PTT pile was claimed, so it's time to start another one. I'm planning on putting some good stuff into this one, including a couple of pretty big card lots, so this pile will have a fixed price of $25. Pull the trigger at any time if you're interested, or decide to let it ride and risk someone claiming it before you do. First item up!

Lot of 15 1993 Topps Gold Parallels

I've posted a massive want list for this set, and since I've started somewhat collecting it, I've ended up with a few doubles. I hope someone can give these a good home. By the way, there are no doubles in this lot, and many of them are from the Coming Attractions subset.

If you really, really want these, pull the trigger now for $25, or wait until I add something else.

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