Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pull the Trigger 7.2 ($25)

One of the more recent entertainment tropes is someone saying, "Whoa, that escalated quickly." This card should get us a great deal closer to conclusion of this PTT. I hope you say to yourself, "Whoa, that escalated quickly."

Yasiel Puig Gem Mint 10 Rookie

Never heard of GMA grading before. I'm guessing this is the red-headed stepchild of real card grading companies. This card is from a 2012 set called Leaf Rize. I refuse to learn anything else about this set.

Want this Puig? Plunk down $25, and you'll also get the highly desirable Topps Gold cards seen below.

Lot of 15 1993 Topps Gold Parallels

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