Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Spring Group Break: Part 1

Well, the cards arrived on Friday afternoon, but I hit a few delays in bringing the contents to you. First of all, I've been Single Dad all weekend as my wife has been out of the state for a funeral. The only times both of my kids have been asleep have been at night, and I needed to be sleeping then, too. On Saturday, I did get the opportunity to start shooting video of the unboxing of the cards, but there was a camera error and the video recorded at a crazy fast-forwarded speed. I reshot the video today, which you can watch below. Thankfully, the seller of these cards packaged them in several brick-like masses, each one of which will get its own video. I think this might make the break a lot of fun. After all, you'll get your card fix thirteen times instead of just once or twice.

In case you're interested in watching the failed video and you have access to the correct combinations of drugs required to do so, here it is.

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