Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Card Show Report

What better way to spend an almost-spring day than heading off to a card show? The parking lot was packed, since church was taking place next door and there was a beer sign show happening in one of the other halls. However, I found my spot and headed in ready to buy.

Last things first, the auction was in full swing when I started itching to leave. I had been eyeballing a table with several piles of vintage stars going 3-for-$10. I left a 1970 Topps Pete Rose All-Star on the table, but made the decision that these two were coming home with me.
1969 Topps #200 Bob Gibson, 1972 Topps #300 Hank Aaron In Action

And who was the third card I picked to complete the sale? A timely acquisition to be sure.
1963 Topps #190 Minnie Minoso

The seller, a super-nice guy, joked about not jacking up the price. I'm glad he didn't.

At a couple of different tables, I found a few set needs.
'59s scrounged from a dollar box

1971-72 Topps #114 Don Nelson ($2), #142 NBA Rebounds Leaders ($5)

A three-for-$1 box had some good stuff in it. Rule of thumb: Always pick up Thomas and Griffey inserts for under a buck.

There's a surly guy set up near the door who deals almost exclusively in overpriced Packers, but he can be counted on to supply at least one insanely underpriced Robin Yount per show. This 2014 Archives Refractor (61/99) set me back two whole dollars.

All of the rest of the cards came from the same seller. The boxes I was digging through were labeled only with a cryptic, "All cards $1 or less." Behold.
More 1971-72 Topps B-ball

1976 Topps

1972 Topps Billy Martin Flipping the Bird

Checked Checklist (featuring Mickey Mantle)
(How can you go wrong with that?)

1956 Topps Braves

1956 Topps Chuck Tanner

1955 Topps Dave Jolly

And to top it off...

Total cost at this seller: $20.00

I think I met all three goals I usually have for any show: Knock a few off the want list, acquire Yount, and surprise myself with some fun vintage. Good times.

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John Hazen said...

Those were some nice purchases. Hopefully the Card show God grant me the same luck at my upcoming show!