Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pull the Trigger 9.3 ($25)

Anybody up for some hold-em?

2014 Topps Chipz Jordan Zimmermann

Just as the Cardinals have had a player named Carpenter on the roster going all the way back to 1896, the Nationals have gone all-in on guys with names similar to Zimmerman. The plan, according to the team's website, is to keep plucking from the lineage of George Zimmer (of Men's Wearhouse fame) and George Zimmerman (of recially-motivated shooting infamy) whenever possible to fill roster spots.

If you want this poker chip, the buy-in is $25, and you get everything else you see below.

1972 Topps #226 Roberto Clemente

Lot of 35 2009 Topps Cards

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