Monday, April 13, 2015

Pull the Trigger 9.6 ($25)

How about a fairly low-numbered card for the pile?

2013 Topps #604 Rafael Betancourt Pink Parallel (11/50)

As Topps continues to experiment with different colored parallels with each new set, there are the occasional happy accidents to go along with insert/parallel bloat. I have to say that the purple of the Colorado Rockies goes great with the pink border here. The overall presentation reminded me of this old blog post I remember reading where this woman gave Optimus Prime a makeover using various shades of nail polish.

I you like-a the pink-a and the purple-a, then pulla the trigga. Twenty-five dollars takes the whole pile.

1972 Topps #226 Roberto Clemente

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2014 Topps Chipz Jordan Zimmermann

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2012 Topps Chrome Frank Gore Refractor

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