Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Group Break: Baseball Notes

The baseball cards have now been sorted. I found that a few of the cards had dubious ownership, so I'm using this post to square everything up. I'll be doing this for the football and basketball cards as well (if necessary).

Shane Peterson / Danny Espinosa

Peterson was drafted by St. Louis and Espinosa by Washington (which I ended up with), so this one goes in the Cardinals pile.

Seung Yeop Lee

Lee has never had any ties to any MLB team, having played his entire career in Korean and Japan. This orphan card will go to the first participant to claim it in the comments of this post, with the caveat that you have to reveal who your favorite Golden Girl was on the hit NBC sitcom Golden Girls. Once completed, Lee will go in your team's pile.

NL Pitching Leaders

Lots of teams represented here, owned by a few different participants. Therefore, I did the typical three times randomization. Here's the list before:

And here it is after. The card is awarded to the Phillies ownership group. Congratulations.

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Matt Flaten said...

I claim Seung Yeop Lee! My favorite Golden Girl is Rose, of course.