Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Five Cool Things From a Dirty-Ass Binder #2

The Dirty-Ass Binder itself is from an era where side-opening 9-pocket pages still existed. Yes, there are a few side sliders in this binder, mixed among the top-loading pages. The tall-boy cards you are about to see could not be contained by such an apparatus, however.

1993 Fleer McDonald's GameDay Lot
These cards were an item that you could acquire at McDonald's restaurants in 1993. I don't remember if they were free with the purchase of a meal, or if you had to buy them separately. They were distributed regionally according to the predominant NFL franchise in the area, and naturally, I found the Green Bay Packers here in Milwaukee.

There are 18 cards in the set, as they came in perforated sheets of six. I'm missing two from the Packers set, and of course, they are the two superstars from that year, Brett Favre and Sterling Sharpe. There were also non-regional sheets available, featuring star players from a number of different teams.

It's good to see some of the guys who formed the foundation of the team that eventually won the Super Bowl for the 1996 season. Guys like George Teague, Tony Bennett, and Bryce Paup weren't around to be champs, but they set the bar for players who would come after them.

I have to say that I have absolutely no memory of Tunch Ilkin, John Stephens, or Ken O'Brien being on the team. These players were much better known for being semi-stars on previous teams and only had what amounted to a cuppa coffee with the Pack.

One final note. I looked on eBay for some of these cards, curious to see if anyone had ever bothered to get one graded. There are a few, some of them even getting a grade of PSA 10. I call bullshit on this. I'm guessing there was some sneaky handshake action going on to get those grades. While I turn my nose up at getting GameDay cards like these graded, I applaud the previous owner of this lot for having the courage to free the cards from there prison of perforation.

Keep watching this space for more Dirty-Ass shenanigans.

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