Thursday, July 16, 2015

Prizm Pack War!

So in my last order with a major online retailer, I was awarded a free gift. I chose two retail packs of 2012 Released in 2013 Panini Prizm Baseball. Let's see what I got and try to determine, beyond the shadow of a scientific doubt, which was the better pack.

Pack 1
55 Jose Altuve

TP1 Jurickson Profar Top Prospect

162 Jordan Pacheco

128 Fernando Valenzuela

Pack 2
171 David Phelps

USA7 Bryce Harper USA Baseball

20 David Wright

50 Mike Trout

Thoughts on whether Pack 1 or Pack 2 was the better pack? I'm inclined to go with Pack 2, but it's up for debate.


sruchris said...

Neither. Pictures of men wearing pajamas are not worthy of a scientific study.

Play at the Plate said...

I'd say pack 2, because it got the jump on pack 1 and shived it in the side. Those look like prison uniforms.

dayf said...

cannot vote for Bruce Hooper
Pack 1 is teh bestest

The Junior Junkie said...

Pack 2, despite Altuve's excellent mud-butt.

jackal726 said...

Pack 2, if for no other reason than it has a card with an official logo (USA! USA!)

Zach said...

Fernando Valenzuela's crossbar glasses chromed out means pack 1 wins. Wasn't even a contest once they appeared. Anything short of a Babe Ruth 1/1 game-smoked cigar/cut auto combo card would've meant curtains for pack 2.

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