Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Top Pulls of 2014: #1

Are you confused by the timing of this blog post? Can you not stop screaming at your computer or other digital device? Are you a patient person?

Well, here it is, my top pull of 2014, coming at you in late October.

2005 Topps Retired Signature #TA-FR Frank Robinson Refractor AUTO (09/25)

From: Hobby Box

Why I Like It:
For the past couple of summers, around the time the NSCC is taking place, I hold my own National in my basement. It's an event you can't possibly get a ticket to. I basically buy a bunch of wax instead of paying for the travel/lodging/admission/hookers (just kidding) that I would have spent money on had I gone to the convention. This year's boxes treated me right, with the highlight being this Frank Robinson SP. What's not to like. Great, on-card signature, shiny as heck, just an all-around awesome card.

Nest year (which is approaching quickly) I promise to get through my Top 5 before the end of January.

By the way, brace yourselves for Trade Me Anything. My box is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

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gcrl said...

i, for one, am ready to trade you something, anything in fact.