Friday, November 20, 2015

Pull the Trigger 12.4 ($25)

So you're all too good for Eric Wedge, I see? Then let's stoke the fire with some oversized '80s goodness.

Bunch of Big Donruss

There's what, five cards there? Let's say for argument's sake, that you don't want to collect huge Donruss cards. Not likely, but just play along. If these just aren't your thing, here's a list of five things you could do with these in lieu of collecting them.

1. Roaring fire. Put away that $14.95 you were going to spend on a Dura-flame this year and burn these instead. One full month of full home heating guaranteed!
2. Shingles. No, not the roof covering, dummy! These cards cure shingles, plain and simple. Rub the back of a card on the affected area, and the malady disappears in 4-6 hours.
3. Tarot replacements. Lose the Hierophant in daddy's crawlspace? Ron Guidry is an acceptable substitute.
4. Chamois. Will not scratch most makes and models of cars, probably.
5. Shinguards. Sure, your Sunday night volleyball rec league doesn't require them, but how do you think you're going to budge to the front of the libero line otherwise?

You can do whatever you want with these for one low installment of $25.

1976 Topps Traded Oscar Gamble

1959 Topps #415 Bill Mazeroski

1990 Best Eric Wedge

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