Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Trade Me Anything IX #4

This next trade comes from David in San Diego. I'm pleased to report that he indeed stayed classy at every juncture of this trade.

#US159 Darren O'Day Gold Parallel (0538/2015)

#US373 Mitch Harris

#US157 Noah Syndergaard

Some Brewers

Some Padres

Some 2014 Update
Yes! Now I only need three more cards to finish last year's set. If anyone needs a hint for what to send if you haven't traded me anything yet, it's 132, 167, and 285.

Ballast Point Beer Coaster
Can't say I've ever had it, but I'd love to try some. I checked out their website, and I must declare that I really like the bottle designs they've come up with, cool ocean themes focusing mostly on pirates and exotic marine life.

UC-Irvine Temporary Tattoo
Now I don't have to worry about impressing others at the beach next summer. This bad boy will put me over with all the cool kids.

Sticker of Three Well-Dressed Men with Red X's Over Their Faces
Coming clean here, I have no idea what this is from. Punk band is my best guess, and if it's not that I'm going with some sort of skateboard-related company. I'm hoping someone can leave a comment that will enlighten me.

Thanks for the cards and the other cool stuff, David! If I'm ever in the area I'll have to try a Commodore and every variety of Sculpin I can get my hands on.

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madding said...

I'm hoping it's some militia that goes around putting ska bands out of their misery.