Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trade Me Anything IX #5

Today's trade comes from Jim from Garvey Cel Russell Lopes.

#US286 Francisco Lindor Gold Parallel (1872/2015)

#US7 Brad Miller Rainbow Foil Parallel

#US97 Josh Ravin

#PP-12 Anthony Rizzo Pride & Perseverance

Before we get to the goods, I should share that I only recently became aware that Jim decided to shut things down at gcrl. It makes me sad each time I see another card blog bite the dust, but it's actually refreshing to know that he was able to bow out on his own terms, rather than let the blog languish and wither, as is customary. Thanks for your years of writing, Jim, and happy collecting.

Upon opening the package Jim sent, I see that he sent the trade in four distinct stacks, each topped with one of his blog's namesakes.

Garvey Quadrant
1972 Brewers Bipping
I think I counted 10 of these in all. This is the earliest vintage of card I've ever been Bipped with. Well done.

Cey Quadrant
1976 Topps Needs
Yeah! Set-building help is always appreciated.

Russell Quadrant
1988 Donruss Needs
There's also a Brewer I never heard of numbered to 100 in there. Getting close on that '88 Donruss set.

Lopes Quadrant
1993 Topps Gold Needs
When I eventually finish this set, I'm going to have to make it very clear how much this was a team effort. I probably wouldn't have been crazy enough to tackle it without knowing I would have some help along the way.

Thanks for all of the set help, Jim! I certainly enjoyed the anything!


gcrl said...

next year i'll send the immoral stuff.

gcrl said...

got the cards today. thanks!