Friday, November 6, 2015

Trade Me Anything IX: The Keepers

As with most years, I haven't offered everything from my box of Update for Trade Me Anything. (Which, by the way, has been open for a week with a very small percentage of the offerings claimed. Lots of good stuff left, folks.) I'd like to take a moment to show all of the cards, aside from the base set, that I need to hold onto for the time being.

Robin Yount Highlight of the Year

It's nice to have one of these just land in your lap instead of seeking it out.

Prince Fielder All-Star Workout Jersey

This would have been a Top 5 of the Year candidate if Prince were still on the Brewers. No hard feelings for this guy in Milwaukee, so far as I can detect. Though he certainly helped his case by moving to completely off-the-radar teams for Brewer fans.

Whatever Works Insert Lot

Something just tickles me about a set devoted to multi-millionaires doing their damnedest to make their lives an infinitesimal bit better through superstitious rituals. Yes, sign me up for this whole set.

I also got seven stamped buybacks in my box, when I believe the odds said I was supposed to receive two. It's nice when it works out that way instead of getting shorted. With each card, I'll tell you why I elected to keep it.

1973 Gene Tenace

Kind of a no-brainer for his first card following his monster '72 World Series.

1975 Ernie McAnally

A. '75 Topps, duh
B. Expo
C. His name contains the word "anally"
D. All of the above

1978 Jamie Quirk

'Cause he's a Brewer.

1977 Johnnie LeMaster

Since my early days of my rebirth as a collector, I've loved this skinny, skinny dude. 6'2"/160... man.

1960 Russ Kemmerer

Honestly, it's difficult to part with anything 1960 Topps.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the keepers.

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shoeboxlegends said...

Good stuff, especially the buybacks. I started packing up your Trade Me Anything box tonight, and I think I actually included that Yount card.