Monday, December 14, 2015

2015 Card-vent Calendar: December 13

December 13, 2015:
1992-93 Topps #147 Steve Smith

Let me make it clear right form the jump: Steve Smith is not the star of the show here.

Here's what I'd like all of you to do. Stop whatever you're doing right this second, race for your rotary phone in the kitchen, and call the three Scott Skiles supercollectors located the closest to you geographically. Let them know that there's something that they might me missing. If we all band together on this, it should be fun to sit back and watch the bloodbath that ensues as these dedicated collectors crawl over one another to acquire these base cards for their Scott Skiles-only binders. After that, we can all look on in horror and the Skiles-o-philes commit atrocities against one another to get their hands on the Smith/Skiles Topps Gold parallel. And finally, we can feel at least some modicum of remorse after the Disciples of Skiles begin to commit suicide in ever-increasingly convoluted fashions upon realizing that they've cashed in their retirement funds to hastily purchase Steve Smith cards from 1992 featuring not the Miami Heat forward, but either the Raiders running back or the Blackhawks defenseman.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for doing this.

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