Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trade Me Anything IX: #6

My man Zpop is a longtime follower of this blog, and, if memory serves me right, participates in TMA quite frequently. He's such a part of the fabric of this site that I even went shopping for him once. Let's see what went down.

#RS-22 Bryce Harper Rookie Sensations

#H-66 Ted Williams Highlight of the Year

#R-3 Daniel Nava Rarities

(I rarely comment on the cards I'm giving, but this Nava card inspired a departure from form. The back of this card tells the tale of Nava hitting a grand slam on the first MLB pitch he ever saw. Pretty cool, if you ask me. Also fairly weird that first-MLB-at-bat grand slams have happened four times in history, none of them in the 1900s. So strange.)

Chocolate DVD
I'm guessing this isn't the Depp/Binoche vehicle. Pretty cool that Zpop knows I enjoy the horror.

Sorority Row DVD
This looks like one of those films where you consult MrSkin before watching to make sure it's worth you while. I did, and it appears as if it's Boobs Ahoy!

Cry Wolf DVD
I consulted my collection and found that I already own this one, full-screen and all. I remember nothing about it.

There were a couple of cards inside the DVD cases.

2015 Topps First Pitch #FR-01 Jeff Bridges
Duuuuuuuuuuuuude! I got a few of these when I was buying packs earlier this year, but none of the cool ones, just, like, guys who made it to middle management and gals who starred in Hallmark Hall of Fame porn parodies.

2001 Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball Bryan Bass / J.J. Hardy Dual Jersey

Hmmm, Bass (picked in the first round of the 2001 draft) never got further than double-A, and Hardy (selected by the Brewers in round 2 of the same draft) has been an All-Star. You never know, I guess.

Thanks, Zpop, you're a shoo-in first ballot Trade Me Anything Hall of Famer!

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