Saturday, January 9, 2016

Completion! (1989 Pro Set Edition)

Earlier this week, collector Billy Suter let me know that he found one of my Five Most Wanted cards, and it got here today, along with some other cards.

1989 Pro Set #344 Dermontti Dawson

This one finished off my '89 Pro Set set. Yes! Amazingly enough, it was a Hall of Famer whom I needed to close the book on this one. (Although, it's not really completely closed. I still might acquire the Final Update cards and perhaps even chase the announcers set. Not any time soon, though.) Isn't it weird that there are recent Pro Football HOFers who probably aren't even close to being household names, even among people who would consider themselves big NFL fans? The anonymity of linemen is just something that will most likely continue as long as the sport exists. Fame in football is very dependent on position, I guess.

Thanks for a great trade, Billy! A return package will be headed your way soon.


arpsmith said...

Congrats on finishing up a set, it is a great feeling!

Billy Suter said...

If you want the announcer cards, just say the word. I know they've got 'em in the box I pulled the Dawson from.

Fuji said...

I was just thinking about this card set this weekend while I was at a card show. I kept seeing singles from this set (picked up a Cris Carter and Tim Brown) and remembered how much Pro Set flooded the market with these. Yet... I have not once seen one of these sets for sale at one of my flea markets or card shows in the past five years. Plenty of singles though.

Diara Dominy said...

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