Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Top Pulls of 2015: #2

Here's my second-favorite card pulled from a pack in 2015.

2015 Topps WWE Chrome #51 Paige Gold Refractor (33/50)

From: Hobby Box

Why I Like It:
When it comes to Paige, what's not to like? A gold refractor, numbered to 50, with a RC designation (although Paige did have NXT cards pack in 2014), is going to be very desirable for collectors for a long time, especially since all signs seem to point to Paige having a very long career with WWE. All I'm hoping is that Paige reclaims the Divas title this year and has a long feud with Sasha Banks. (I also hope the writers at WWE start doing a better job with the Divas division soon.)


JediJeff said...

"I also hope the writers at WWE start doing a better job."

There - I fixed it for you.

RAZ said...

That's a pretty nice pull. Looking forward to seeing your #1 for the year.

Mike Matson said...

Two things that I think would help the Divas division
1- Clear character definition. The Divas division is the only place where a character can be cheered one week then booed the next, all based on if the person they're facing is bitchier or cattier...

2- Get rid of that Butterfly belt!!!

Lonestarr said...

So pretteh.