Sunday, February 21, 2016

Completion! (World Cup Edition)

A couple of weeks ago I hinted that I found some collecting white whales that have eluded me for quite some time. The use of that term might be a bit extreme here, since the cards I found are sometimes available, just not at the right price or in the right form. I'll explain that later. First, let's see what I got.

Roberto Baggio Hot Shots

Russell Maryland Honorary Captains

Yes, these were the last two insert cards I needed to finish the 1994 Upper Deck World Cup (English/Spanish) set. I found a seller auctioning off small lots of inserts from the set, and she happened to have exactly what I needed without having to buy too much extra. (I actually ended up with another Captains card and a Hot Shot.) The price for the Baggio lot was way lower than what I had previously seen for his single, so that was nice. The Maryland is currently available elsewhere, but it has an in-person autograph on it. Not necessary, or even acceptable, for my set.

There's still another insert set I might end up chasing (Bora's Fantasy Team), but I think I've got everything else, even a couple of the instant winner redemption cards that are now long-expired. Some day I'll show the whole thing off.

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