Sunday, February 14, 2016

Five Cool Things From a Dirty-Ass Binder #4

Well, the PTT lot sold yesterday, and that means it's time to show off more of the treasures from the Dirty-Assiest Binder this side of the Rockies.

The last several pages (like, more than 10, front and back) of this binder are holding those cards that came in issues of Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine. These cards are from the mid-'90s, and whoever owned them arranged most of the cards more-or-less by sport, with some other pages that are a little more haphazard. Rather than show off dozens of cards, I've picked out five that were interesting or important to me in some way.

1. Reggie White
What could I possibly say about White that would do his legacy any justice? He's the main reason, perhaps even more than Favre, that the Packers are expected to be a perennial contender today.

2. Julie Foudy
This card came out before the USWNT made a national splash during the 1999 World Cup. Foudy is still very active in the sport, providing commentary and analysis for the women's and men's game.

3. John Stockton
I was pretty ambivalent about basketball during the Jordan era. I had friends who were nuts about the Bulls at that time, and there is even still a sizable fan base for the team in Milwaukee today. I couldn't have cared less. The one exception was the 1998 playoffs. For some reason, I was all-in on the Jazz. Maybe I just wanted Stockton and Malone to get that ring after getting so close the season before. After Jordan sunk the shot to win the series, I remember declaring, "I hate Michael Jordan." I also remember my dad talking me off the ledge, saying, "Come on, you don't really hate Michael Jordan." Okay, I probably didn't. But I still feel bad for John Stockton and his pasty white thighs.

4. Jerry Rice
There must have been an issue where all of the cards were plays on the athlete's name. There was also "Shack" O'Neal, Vin Baker dunking a pie, and Gr-Ant hill being mauled by fire ants. The Rice-a-Roni/S.F. connection is too good to pass up, though.

5. Todd Martin
This one is probably my favorite card in the whole binder. I enjoy tennis, but my brother is a really big fan. At the time, Todd Martin was one of our favorites. We liked his height, his awesome eyebrows, and his court demeanor. The guy never won a major, but he won our hearts and our respect. I can still remember a commercial that seemed to run for an interminable amount of time for a special Halloween episode of the Martin Lawrence sitcom, Martin. I never really watched the show, but for some reason there was one episode that Fox was hyping to an insane degree. In the ad, there was a hooded demon or ghoul or something that popped out from behind a door and pointed at Martin, ominously saying, "I have come for you, Martin." Pretty soon, my brother and I turned that into, "I have come for you, Todd Martin," complete with a menacing voice. Todd Martin, you were one huge on-court tantrum away from being my all-time #1 favorite.


Tony Burbs said...

Those SI for Kids cards are always gems - such diverse and not often seen on cardssubject matter.

Tony L. said...

"Vin Baker dunking a pie."

During his years in Milwaukee, I think Vin ate every pie in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha Counties.

Fuji said...

SI for Kids cards are awesome. I still have a subscription... mainly because they always have at least two females each month and include some of the lesser hyped sports in our hobby.

Diara Dominy said...

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