Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pull the Trigger 15.12 ($25)

Time to add some more attractive bait to the pile.

2015 Topps Ted Williams Medallion Card

For some reason, I'm really good at pulling Ted Williams cards. This isn't one I particularly wanted, but I'm sure it's right up someone's alley.

Twenty-five bucks for this thick card and everything else you see here.

Lot of 3 1972 Topps Cards

Lot of 2015 Topps Inserts

2014 Topps Heritage Flashbacks #NF-VRA Voting Rights Act of 1965

1959 Topps Wes Covington

1976 Topps #362 Will McEnaney

2007 Donruss Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Jamarcus Russell Ball/Jersey Relic (481/849)

1996 Emotion-XL Lot of 11 Cards

2014 Panini Hall of Fame Baseball 75th Anniversary Andre Dawson (62/75)

Lot of 12 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter Cards

Lot of 9 1978 Topps Cards

2015 Heritage Steve Carlton Flashbacks

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