Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trade Me Anything IX: #8

It's been a couple of weeks since I got this trade package from Lonestarr. Three of the other four people who live in my house are napping, so this is an opportune time to write about the Anything that he traded me.

#US263 Pedro Strop

#US393 Dan Haren

#US220 Addison Russell Rainbow Foil

#PP-8 Jon Lester Pride and Perseverance

#R-1 Frank Robinson Rarities

#US21 High-Voltage Battery Gold Parallel (0833/2015)

#RS-14 Jose Abreu Rookie Sensations

Well, first there was a big envelope full of re-stuffed packs that looked like this. I can assure you that there wasn't really anything in these packs that resembled what the wrappers advertised.

Most of the wrappers were refilled with wrestling cards, mostly WWE and TNA.

In one of the packs, there were some Brewers (some nice parallels in there) and a Triple Play umpire sticker.

A few cards were placed into top loaders. Here's some 2014 Panini World Cup parallels, a Bray Wyatt black parallel rookie, and some relic cards from various sports.

And, finally, to prove that not all of the wrappers were there just for show, a sealed set of Benchwarmer Series II from 1994.

Lonestarr, thanks for a fun an interesting trade. Whenever I get the chance to break out the "freaky white girls" tag, it's a good day.

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