Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Five Cool Things From a Dirty-Ass Binder #5

The road has been long, friends, but at last we arrive at the destination: The fifth cool thing from a dirty-ass binder.

1994 Topps Black Gold Full Groups C & D

It's awfully nice to get half of the full set like this. As someone who buys almost all of his comics used and cheap, I'm used to having a few holes in my collections. From a binder so dirty and so assy, I pretty much expected these cards to be scattershot within the set, yet I was pleasantly surprised when they turned out to be cards #23-44, plus all of the C & D winners. It's a stellar collection of guys (although the inclusion of Robby Thompson leaves me a bit mystified), and it's extra exciting for me because by 1994, I was done buying Topps.

Upon examination, the C/D Winner card is the badass of the bunch, with recent sale prices surprisingly high.

To conclude this feature, an inscription to inspire future generations of collectors:
"Give me your yellowed pages, your dirty-ass binders,
Your junk wax treasures yearning to breathe free..."

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