Monday, June 20, 2016

The Bag From My Mom: Part 1

If your parents are anything like mine, they often try to give you a bunch of stuff when you visit. Often, these un-asked-for gifts are newspaper clippings, vaguely interesting pages from a page-a-day calendar, or a container of homemade applesauce. While they can't all be applesauce, there are times when the contents deviate from the norm, and the gift is really something worth bringing home.

The last time such was bestowed, it was this bag.

Even though my parents have moved (within the city) since I left for college, never to return, they still find little pockets of stuff here and there that belonged to me or my brother or sister. Sometimes it's just a thing or two, and often it might not even be something that was mine, but just fit in to the category of stuff I might like. In this case, it was a bag full of cool stuff. I'd like to begin sharing it with you today.

Sheet of Star Wars Stickers (Slightly Incomplete)

I distinctly remember these stickers, probably acquired in 1996 or 1997. In fact, my door whiteboard in college (remember those?) had a the Princess Leia and Salacious Crumb stickers on it. I'm unable to remember what character was represented on the missing sticker here, but I'm sure it was a cool as all the rest. (It might be Vader, come to think of it.) This particular set of stickers has an attractive aesthetic, a style uniquely its own. The artwork strikes a nice balance between photography or photo-realism and outright cartoonishness. And the single-color backgrounds help place these firmly in the realm of pop art. All in all, I'm glad they survived the twenty or so years since I owned them, and I'll enjoy affixing them in only the choicest of spots.

Next from the bag: Get trolled!

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