Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Bag From My Mom: Part 2

It's time to dive back into the Target bag that was probably sitting atop my parents' breakfast nook for the past seven months.

The Official Ghostbusters Training Manual

This is one of those books that came with a small set of stickers that you could order at school. There are various book clubs, but the one we got most often was called Troll. Jesus Christ, if you saw that there was a big box from Troll sitting on the counter in the school office, everyone would go apeshit until the teacher sent a kid to get it and cracked that treasure chest open. It usually stopped short of mutiny, but came close.

This book was written as a series of lessons, presumably teaching the readers everything needed to know to become a genuine Ghostbuster. Each lesson page has a spot to affix a sticker. I originally thought that these stickers came with the book. However, the Training Manual, came with a different set of stickers, none of them featuring Peter, Ray, or Egon. This book's stickers are mostly catchphrases like "I've been slimed," and "I ain't afraid of no ghost." This means that my family actually had two different books like this. If the other one ever turns up, the world may never know.

I chose to show this page because the hotel/Slimer scene is one of my favorites, and has the best line of dialogue in the movie. After her cart gets blasted with a proton pack, the hotel maid asks, "What the hell are you doing?" My dad often used that line when I was growing up, same intonation and all.

Once all of the lessons are completed, you are granted the privilege of becoming an honorary Ghostbuster, made official by this Certificate of Achievement. I'm not sure how it might feel to receive such an honor, as I obviously opted to maintain the book's collectibility over the bestowment of the award, though I imagine it would have been one of my proudest days.

Next from the bag: All the answers.

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Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Wow!! I just got the chance to meet Ernie Hudson last month at the Va Beach Comicon! Helluva nice guy!!