Monday, June 27, 2016

The Bag From My Mom: Part 4

We're going back in time for this one, folks. All the way back to the spring of 1991.

Simpsons Illustrated #1

Simpsons Illustrated was the fan magazine devoted to The Simpsons, naturally. It ran for only ten issues, and although this is the only one I can recall reading, I certainly did put this issue through its paces. The content was pretty standard, with the requisite fan mail, art submissions, interviews, and how-to-draw pieces. In the pre-internet era, however, we took what we could get.

My favorite piece in this issue was an ad for the imaginary Frosty Krusty Flakes. The cereal is similar in conceit to the series' Krusty O's, although this box makes a dubious promise about an unnamed prize inside, while the one from the show delivered on its guarantee that you'd find a jagged metal O.

I also enjoyed "Bart's Bottom 40," my favorite being #27 "Being tried in court as an adult."

Twenty-five years following publication, most of the fun that can be had reading this magazine come from the '90s ads. The back cover features an advertisement for series two of the 1990-1991 Skybox basketball card set. Yes, these can be found in 98% of all Craigslist listings for any type of sports cards, but I feel that they have actually aged fairly well. The computer graphic backgrounds are relatively understated (in comparison to what the rest of the '90s had in store), and most of the teams were still sporting my personal favorite renditions of their logos. I even have the slight urge to send a letter to Salisbury, Maryland.

For me, it's hard for any Simpsons property to crack the majesty of the first 8-10 seasons, but if I run across any of the nine issues I didn't read, I might give one a whirl.

Next from the bag: Holy Holographic!


shoeboxlegends said...

One of my earliest card-collecting memories is when my mom's friend took me to a hobby shop in her neighborhood one day and let me pick out a pack. I grabbed '90-91 Skybox, pulled a Jordan, and felt like I had won the lottery.

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