Wednesday, November 16, 2016


This afternoon I was tooling around in the basement, possibly hatching a borderline-illegal scheme, and I ran across a set of cards that I just became tired of carting across the state. Yes, I happened upon the 1991 Classic Series 3 game set. It was still inside the (opened) carrying case. I came to the realization that I'm no longer interested in owning this set, I'm never going to put it in a binder, and I'm never going to play the game. However, I couldn't bear to throw these cards away.

This is where you guys come in. If any of the cards listed below interest you, they can be yours for free. Just leave a comment indicating which card(s) you want, and they will be reserved for you. (BTW, all cards listed are available except Molitor, Vaughn, and the 4-player micro card. Not sure what happened to that one.) All you have to do is send me a SASE. Claim as many cards as you want, so long as you affixxx the correct hardcore postage. Remember to check any comments that have been left before yours so there are any fistfights over the rights to Kevin Morton.

Once you claim your cards, send the SASE to:
Bill Boehm
1916 N. 52nd St.
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Stake your claim, and remember to Stay Classic!™


TSHenson said...

I would like to claim the Carl8s Baerga and Albert Belle cards. Are there any other Indians cards in the set? If so, I would be interested in them too. It was hard to read the checklist.

gcrl said...

tom goodwin
orel hershiser
pedro martinez
eddie murray
juan samuel

Mike Matson said...

I'll take Calderon, Dennis Martinez
Derek Bell, Key, Stottlemyre, Sprague, Timlin, White, and Mike Gardiner.

I will also need to figure out postage and that lol

Trevor P said...

I'll take a few free cards!

Dawson, Griffey, Joyner, Knoblauch, Maddux, Morris, Ripken, Salmon, Slocumb, Chico Walker, Wilkins